Parking Regulations On Kelly Drive

3 hour limit along Kelly Drive, from Undine Barge Club to Fairmount Rowing Association.  From 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

Trailers must park at either end of the row with a 12 hour limit.

2 hour limit in the Water Works Drive parking area.

NO parking restrictions along Sedgeley Drive from Kelly Drive up to Lemon Hill Drive and beyond.

NO parking restrictions (except as posted) on Lemon Hill Drive from Kelly Drive up past the Mansion to Sedgeley Drive.

Parking at Sedgeley – Light House / Viking Statue

Parking in this area is PERMIT ONLY to Authorized Persons.  Permits are available to residential tenants (caretakers) and full time daily employees who work on Boathouse Row.

To obtain a Permit, please e-mail:  Mark A. Focht, Executive Director Fairmount Park at  Please include your name, mailing address and justification for requesting authorization.

Permits will be issued yearly on a first-come, first-serve basis until all spaces are filled.  Each permit will be numbered and imprinted with the authorized person’s name.

Permits must be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard at all time.

These regulations will be enforced by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.