Boat Storage

Boat Assignment Protocol

A. Member seniority.

B. Member in good standing: All membership dues and fees are current.

C. Stewardship: contributions of time, talent, or treasure to the club. 

D. Frequency and usage: Members must row no less then 50 miles per year upon receiving a berth, unless otherwise approved by the Captain. Members who fall below the mileage requirement risk having their boat placed in a less prime berth, but not moved from the inside of the boathouse if located therein.

First year members with boats are assigned a spot outside, if available, and can submit a request to move to an inside location. Before prime locations are allocated, more senior members have the ability to apply for said locations.

Members who do not stay current with their dues will lose/forfeit their location, and their boats will be assigned to storage berths. Boats with outstanding fees will be considered abandoned and may be sold or used by the club as seen fit. Boats that are discovered on club grounds without proper approval will suffer a similar fate or be placed off property at the owner’s risk.

Members who are planning to purchase a boat must contact the Captain and apply for spot.

Upon receiving a boat space, members are not permitted to share, rent, sell or give away their space. Boat spaces cannot be inherited.  All assignments are made by the Captain.

*The Undine Barge Club officers and members accept NO responsibility for the well being of any personal property left or stored at the boathouse and recommend that those who have boats and related materials obtain insurance for their property. All private boats and oars are not to be used without the consent of the owner. If unwarranted usage is discovered, the violator will be sanctioned with possible dismissal from the club.